Limonta Wall | About Us
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Limonta Italian Wall Couture forms part of the Limonta S.p.A. Group of companies, including Fabrics and Coatings, which boasts a leading presence in clothing, leather goods and footwear materials sectors for major fashion brands, Limonta Interior Coverings, which creates beautiful jacquard furnishing fabrics, Limonta Italian Wall Couture, which specializes in the production of design wall decorations, and Society, which designs and manufactures the highest quality home textile accessories.


It is a brand recognized across the world for its excellence in wallpaper design, for outstanding attention to the craft techniques, such as tipping, wash-coating, glittering and doctoring in 53, 70 and 106 cm formats, for careful research and development and for production that guarantees aesthetics and high-quality results.
Collections are designed to cover a wide range of aesthetic demands to fully meet the different needs of international markets and emerging taste and style trends.
With great attention to detail and continuous innovation, just as an expert couturier makes the perfect dress, so Limonta Italian Wall Couture dresses walls to give emotions to those who live between them.